Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend - Monday Potpourri

So how are things going with you?  Well, I hope.  Are you pacing yourself and resting without guilt?  That is important, because the guilt negates the resting--it leaves the body in a chemically ready to go state, at least that is what I think.  When you rest, you need to turn the mind off from the I need to do this and this needs to happen state.  It's a matter of self-preservation.

I'm in semi-rest mode after a mega weekend.  Our sweet 17 year old kitty died, I sang a solo Sunday morning, made Christmas cookies, worked in the yard, and sang in our Christmas musical all in one weekend.  And we had a fellowship after church Sunday night.  That was absolutely Mega-Weekend for me.  And I am still feeling badly about our cat, but she was sick and it was her time to go.  I am so glad she didn't suffer a long time.  I had almost decided not to put up our big Christmas tree, but in honor of our sweet kitty, who loved to lie under the tree, it is going up tonight.  Last night, my husband and I rearranged the living room, which is not an easy job in our very oddly shaped room.

Please ignore the spastic looking hand.
A model, I am not.
What counts is we were having fun!
The other part of this potpourri of things going on is a revelation I had yesterday afternoon.  So many people tend to save their pretty clothes for "going out", including me.  But yesterday, I wore black leggings, which looked absolutely smashing with a long decorated sweatshirt;  however, I got hot because I was working.  So I put on makeup, pretty ear rings, and a "hot" tunic top.  When my husband got home, I surprised him--he wasn't expecting dressy looking Debby.  Moving furniture was so much fun last night:  I think I ended up more tired, because we were dancing to the Christmas music -- absolutely worth it.

How can I dance with a bum knee?  It is called I got a cortisone shot in my right knee last week and now it feels good.  Oh, why did I wait so long?  Two months of bad pain is over.

Lastly, here is an easy cookie recipe:  Press one 16.5 ounce chocolate chip cookie roll in a greased 9 X 13 pan.  Beat 3 eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 9 oz. cream cheese together.  Pour over cookie dough.  Break another 16.5 oz. roll of cookie dough into small pieces and place on top of cream cheese mixture.  Bake at 350 degree f.  for 30 minutes.  After cooling, store in refrigerator.  Yummy.  And easy.


  1. Wow!!! One busy lady. You look absolutely beautiful and happy in your outfit. Glad to hear you have accomplished most of the goals you were aiming for. Wish I could have been there to hear you sing, I know you made beautiful music. Just remember not to over extend yourself. Putting your big tree up is a perfect way to honor the memory of Cricket. Love you.

    1. Thank you. We did have fun Monday night. Tuesday I tried to get a lot done, but I decided to watch a movie in the afternoon and conked out. I slept in my recliner until my hubby got home. It's a good thing the chicken was defrosting on the kitchen counter, or we might have had canned soup and sandwiches. Hmm...actually that would be good, especially grill cheese, but the bread not so good for the diabetes. I love you too. Oh, I had to wash the dog tonight, because she got into something smelly. I was so grossed out, especially after Jim said, "Smell her head, it smells horrible." So I get close and she licks me. Ewwwwwww....so yucky. Anyway, she smells good now.


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah