Friday, December 28, 2012

Positivity for the New Year

Dear Readers,

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, despite the inevitable fatigue and aches so many of us deal with.  I am learning to separate the good from the bad:  maybe, it is simply a more philosophical approach to dealing with pain and fatigue.  I know it is going to slow me down and keep me from doing some things, but it doesn't control my life.  However, it does slow me down, and that is not always a bad thing.  

Now that I have to slow down, I don't have to worry about things being perfect, which never worked that well for me anyhow.  My family still knows that I love them and that I do the best I can.  They also are incredibly helpful.  God bless you all, and as the new year approaches may you find ways not only to endure, but to enjoy your life.
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One of the things I want to continue is my mission to declutter my house; because it less stressful to have less stuff.  It seems that for years most people were on a mission to get more things, but I think many people are realizing it is easier to live a simple life.  However, that seems nearly impossible.  We really do live in an information age, and I think that makes life more complicated if we don't control how much comes into our lives.  So I suppose I am talking about control of items or things, as well as control of how much "world noise"  I allow in my life.  I am not talking about hiding or being a hermit, but to be healthier, we need to seek the positive not just look at the negative.  One of the nice things about Christmas is I think the news stations actually look for some positive news.

Many blessings to all you precious people.  God loves you and so do I.  Happy New Year!

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