Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feeling Stressed, But Getting Better

                                                                         Joyful Moment

Tonight, I am letting go of the perfectionism that has been eating me for two days.  I don't think I'm  supposed to be doing Coffee For Your Heart
 By the way, I accidentally deleted the post I did on joy yesterday.  With a feeling of relief, I am bowing out of this series, because I need to let go and move on to where God wants me to be. 

My body needs time to heal.  And, my house needs whatever energy I can muster to dig out of the mess that has accumulated while I have been ill during January and February.  I need to focus on less than I did before I came down with the Big Germ.  I am letting the small joys of every day flit away, while I try to concentrate on too many things at once.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by all your own ideas of the way things should be and the things you wanted to do?  Have you ever stopped and said, "Enough!  I am making things worse than they need to be."?   That's when it is time to stop and take stock.  Get back to baby steps, while letting go of any pretensions that have wormed their way into your life.

Message for Myself and Anyone Else That Needs It

Let go.  You don't need the extra stress.  

Baby steps are enough.

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