Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Keep It Simple Holiday Cleaning Calendar

Choose one job a day to work on your
Christmas or Holiday preparatio
Image Courtesy of  [Salvatore Vuono]/

KISS = keep it simple sweetie!
Make bed
Take meds and supplements
One load of laundry
Unload dishwasher

Take meds and supplements
Load dishwasher
Chore of the Day

(If you are still in the Declutter Stage, work on this for 5 to 15 minutes or this can be your chore of the day, depending on your energy level.) 

Load dishwasher
Wipe kitchen counters
Pick up for 5 minutes 
   (use a basket)
Get ready for bed

Monday:        Dust 1 or 2 rooms
Tuesday:       Clean Toilets
Wednesday:  Mid-week Planning
                       Catch up 
Thursday:      Vacuum 1 or 2 rooms (Centers)
Friday:           Mop Floors
Saturday:      Time for family to help or 
                       Just  Family Day Fun
Sunday:         Time to Meditate and Worship  

P.S.  The way to print this is to hold your left mouse button down and slide the mouse along the 
part you want to print.  It should turn blue.  Then, you click on the blue with your right button, and you will see choices like Copy and Print.  You can right click on print to print it out, or you can copy it and save to your computer.  I am printing and framing my copy.  Then, I can use a dry erase marker or a wet erase marker to check off what I have done or write down something for the day or week.

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