Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rare Burst of Energy & the Fall Out

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Last week, I had a rare burst of energy.  I wasn't sure why.  If there was something different that had caused it, I was ready to shout it out.  Unfortunately, My energy bubble burst early Saturday evening;  and by Sunday morning, I felt like I had been run over by a truck.

Just in case you are wondering about what I did that was different, here is a short run-down:
  1. Saturday - I went to town with my husband and the dog.  We ate outside at a fast food restaurant, so we could let our big baby sit with us.
  2. Sunday, I went to church and out to eat.
  3. Monday, I took the dog to the vet, and came home with a new addition to the family, a kitten.  I went to two stores to get the things we needed.
  4. Tuesday, I had to go to the store again, because Kitty had diarrhea.
  5. Wednesday, I got my hair cut and I went to another store.
  6. Thursday, I went to the doctor and the Habitat Humanity Thrift Store.
  7. Friday was our electrical problem day and move the furniture day.
  8. Saturday, my DH and I went to Walmart.  I had to walk most of the way in the store;  until I told my DH I was done, and he found an available cart.
I don't know if I was hit with new mommy gotta do it energy or what.  All I know is I was going out and doing more than I can usually do in a day.  It wasn't as if I had turned into Superwoman.  I did not get much done around the house, and I was dragging.  However, I was having a more normal daytime  schedule and going to bed at an early hour.  Now, it is a little hazy.  I cannot remember every detail -- of course!

But, I was thinking the post-exertional malaise was not going to hit, that I was suddenly pacing myself correctly.  I was in a feel-good bubble, that I did not want burst.  However, reality hit Saturday night as the fluish symptoms set in.  To top it off, I wish I had worn a depends to bed about 3 a.m. Sunday morning.  I was so tired and hurt so bad,  I had taken my new medication, which caused me to go into a deep sleep, and I did not even wake up in time to get out of bed to go to the bathroom.  

It would have been less bothersome, if I had enough energy left for church on Sunday morning.  But I had full-blown Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms that morning.

If this was the first time I had been hit by an energy fall-out, I would probably be frustrated;  but, I have learned I have to go with the flow and wait until I get wound up or restocked with energy.  Meanwhile, I am dealing with numb fingers and a swollen right hand--well actually the digits on the right hand.  So, I will do my therapy for that and quit typing soon.  The pain is becoming quite annoying.

The good thing is I can still see today is a beautiful, cool, fall day.  Also, I can alternately rest and do small chores.  I added some new ones with the kitty addition;  but as she lays here quietly asleep on my chest, while I write, it is sweet to know she is  already an enjoyable part of our family.

Today, I should be able to do my 15 minutes of decluttering and fix cabbage rolls for supper.  Also, I plan to get a load of laundry going.  I haven't been able to do all the jobs on my cleaning schedule, but I have had some extra last week and this week.

Finally, this kitten seems to belong.  She is friendly with our dog, and our dog has been accepting of her presence in the household.  Also, it is forcing me to relax, instead of pushing.  I simply have to close my eyes and breathe slower.

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  1. I hate those energy fall outs, it's so hard after you've been feeling decent. I keep repeating the cycle over and over again and really wonder when I'll ever learn.


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