Friday, November 15, 2013

Making Yourself More Tired on the Internet

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This is going to be short, because I just realized I am making myself more tired on the internet.  

Now, I know this will probably ruffle some feathers.  I can hear the defensiveness now!  But, I am not tired:  I have bone-deep, muscle-deep, mind-numbing fatigue.  Yep!  I get that.  So do I.

Then, why am I sitting here, with my eyes about to close from weariness of wondering what should I read on the internet?  Being a person that runs out of energy quickly, one would think I would use a good day  to do some housework or go somewhere.  However, here I sit making myself tireder more tired on top of my fatigue, which adds up to getting nothing done.  

Therefore, I'm going to start working on the things I didn't do on my list yesterday.  It's time to put my laptop up, and do some things on my cleaning calendar.  I also have the option of working on undone things from yesterday's list.

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How about you?

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