Friday, May 24, 2013

Medicine, Supplements, and Remembering to Take Them

Leftover pills that have not been taken.  These pill
containers were filled about two weeks ago.  How
does a person make it any easier than this?
Obviously, there has to be a concentration on
priorities.  The red pills are a cranberry pill
for helping to prevent UTI's.  They were not
needed anymore.  And this does not even give
you an accurate view of the pills that were in
there, which were left from previous weeks.
Confession Time has arrived for me, and I am wondering if anyone else deals with this.  Taking my medicine and supplements has been getting sporadic in my life.  I am pretty good about the medicine, but I get too busy or too tired and I don't keep up very well with my supplements.

Somehow, I have a feeling there are people out there saying, "Oh, it is easy.  Write it down.  Put them in your divided pill containers for the right time of day, etcetera, etcetera."  And I have done both:  I usually end up with lots of leftover vitamins and other supplements that are good for me.

Is anybody out there saying, "No wonder you haven't felt too great lately."?  Well,  I am sure it isn't helping that I have gotten slack on taking everything.

Can I come up with some excuses?

  • I don't have to buy them as often -- saves money
  • I don't like taking pills
  • I forget
  • I'm too tired when I remember
  • The time is all wrong when I remember
  • I have not been making this a priority in my life
I think the last reason is the best one, and the one that needs to be thought about -- more than thought about.  I need to figure out a way to make this a priority, even though I don't like taking pills.

Would you like to join me in working on this habit for the month of June?  Come over to Chronic Fatigue and Creative Decluttering, which I have chosen because I believe this is a "cluttered mind" problem in my life.  We can work on this together.  Look for future posts with ideas on how to make this a priority, and please feel free to make suggestions.  

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