Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Too Much in my Mind

Do you ever feel like you have two much rolling around in your mind?  Does it feel cluttered and you feel a need to compartmentalize your thoughts, because the thoughts are beginning to feel confusing and irritating?

Right now, I am there:  and, I do not like it!  Not at all...'cause it's not fun and I feel like it is wasting my time.

Is there a solution?  Get out a notebook, brainstorm and work on the ideas separately.  Then, go do something else. I may even go paint, because I am spinning my wheels right now.  Painting can be like a kind of meditation, especially when it is in your art journal, except I left it at  my daughter's house, so I will start a new one.


  1. That's where i am right now. Never tried art journaling but think i will try it. Writing things down always helps.

  2. I am reading again the many articles you have written. It is like reading about myself. I turned 61 this month of May. Daily fighting all that comes with chronic illness. Thank you so much for your blog.

    1. Omigosh! I have a twin? I would not wish some of this stuff on anyone, would you? You made me smile, Susan. Thanks!


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah