Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Comfortable Clothes That Help You Heal -- Really!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but I have felt what Tommie Copper can do for me  (Not a man, ladies), although a man did invent these clothes after he was in an accident that changed his life.

I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me, but the heating pad, ibuprofen, changing back into my "cute" pajamas helped (I needed softer clothes, and my Tommie Copper). 

Also, I am ready to tell you about this brand that has helped my arthritis and fibromyalgia.  It is pricey for some people, but they have good sales.  Even though, I have to watch my pennies, my hubby and I say it is worth it.  Oh yes, I have fallen in love with Tommie Copper.  Here is some of my experience:
  •  The Compression Knee Sleeve.  My knees rarely hurt anymore, unless I give them a harder workout.  I can get up from a chair without using my hands to push myself up now.  Before, it hurt too much.
  • Compression socks that go all the way up the calf and are not too hot.  
  • The gloves, which I cannot say enough about.  Before the gloves, my fingers were tingling and numb.  Sometimes, they were so numb, they hurt!  No longer is that true, usually.  If they even start to tingle, the gloves are on my hands when I go to bed and when I read a book.
  •  I started small and I am presently excitedly waiting for Capris and my Compression Core Band for my back.  I cannot wait to see what they do for me. 

 I am pretty sure I will be buying more of their clothes:  leggings to wear under tunics or dresses in the winter time.  Actually, I have a couple of skirts that I plan to wear the capris under.  I am thinking about sewing some of my clothes again, so I can have some darling toppers that go over and compliment these leggings and capris for those "dressier times."  I have seen some adorable clothes that would look cute over them by a Nordic designer, but I would have to pay an arm and a leg by the time I paid customs.

Anyway, I changed my clothes.  I rested.  I ate.  I worked and I sat down to write this.  My body feels better already.  If I had the band, my back would feel better after I work.  

I'm sure you would like some links and pictures, so I will give you some. 

 Compression Sock and
 Compression Knee Sleeve Selfie
Love you all, Deborah

Compression Glove Selfie

 P.S.  The clothes by the European Designer are by Gudrun Sojden.  I love them:  they look so comfortable and adorable.  I would wear them, even though I am a sixty-something.  She does.

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