Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Bathroom: DIY for Getting Rid of Scum and Minerals

Make a mixture
of half vinegar / half Dawn
I thought this blog post worth publishing again, especially since I will be using this mixture today.

Do you have a cleaning chore that is absolutely your least favorite?  I  do.  Mine is cleaning the shower or tub.  

However, I like bathing in a clean, shiny shower or tub.  If there are imperfections, like scratches from age, it doesn't bother me.  Also, a few mineral deposits are not going to make me feel it is dirty;  but, some mineral deposits seem harder to remove than others.  Also, chronic fatigue and pain in my life has often meant buildup that would not come off with my regular bathroom cleaner.

Lately, I have been seeing Pinterest pictures that suggested mixing Dawn and Vinegar.  Since I didn't have Dawn, I tried the dish detergent I usually buy.  And then, I tried putting another cleaner into the non-scratch scrubber-dispenser I bought.  That was not satisfactory either.  The point is I wanted something available to use while I was in the shower, that would not cause me to breathe fumes from spraying something on the wall.

Moreover, I wanted to make bathing a cleaning opportunity. The idea is to wash one wall at a time, and a portion of the bottom of the shower.  Also, one is less likely to slip if only washing a portion of the shower bottom.  Today, I sat on my shower chair I use on the days I am exceptionally tired.  I suppose I could have done the floor, and then got in the shower;  however, I didn't.

What I want to show you are the excellent results I had.  I used the solution on a sink in my half-bath and on my shower/tub.

These are my before pictures. The coating of minerals was getting heavier.  Nothing would get it off, that would not damage the sink.  There was already damage from getting the rust stain off, and it came back.

 Here are my after pictures.  As you can see, the sink does not look new.  I was not expecting miracles.  Also, I have learned  every job does not have to be perfect.    If I do this again this week, I may be able to get a few more minerals off.  However, it is much better than it was, and I have the satisfaction of looking at a clean sink.  

The only disadvantage I can see from using this solution is that it has to be rinsed off after using the non-scratch scrubber on the sink.  However, I do not expect to have to work on a buildup every time I wipe down the sink, nor do I plan letting the minerals accumulate over a period of time.  After rinsing, I dried the sink off with a rag.  Incidentally, the lighter spot in the middle of the rust stain is not minerals, it is faded spot caused by using a rust remover.  I have tried safer alternatives and they haven't worked.  Meanwhile, I will work on one solution at a time. 

Keep your dispenser upright, or you will have leaking cleaning solution. Hang it, or put it in a mug with the sponge up. I used a rubber band I got off my fresh veggies from the market, put it around the dispenser, near the sponge over the scraper at the top of the sponge.  Then, I threaded fishing line underneath the rubber band and tied the fishing line.  There are plastic ties in different sizes at the hardware store, which I saw in another picture on the internet;  however, I did not want to spend money on something I doubted I would need for anything else.

Here are the tub/shower before and afters.  I worked on one section and will work on more my next shower.

      Before                                               After

Can you see where
I stopped cleaning?

May your heart be light and your cleaning easier.  It is a joy sharing the things I learn to do differently or better with you.  God bless you.  Have a good week.

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  1. Think I will be trying this! I am unable to get down on my knees anymore to scrub the tub out, and this looks so ez.


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