Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Not Pretty

This morning, I got up to this.  Oh my!  It is not appealing to see this at all.  However, it did not just happen. It is an accumulation borne out of pre-vacation studying and after vacation dumping.  

Before vacation, I put all my energy into the absolute necessary, basics and getting things ready to go.  Normally, taking care of the clutter would be a basic, but I had to choose and I knew it would not go away.  Obviously, since it is still here today and growing.

My job today is to work on the pile, to take care of one  hot spot at a time.  Each hot spot is getting 5 minutes.  Some of this will go back to the bookcase.  There is some mail there too.  Maybe, some of that will go in the trash.  Just to be clear:  this table is one of my hot spots.  It is a place that becomes a magnet for my clutter. 

OK.  I have the basics of my cleaning for today planned.  Now, I will get something to eat. 

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