Monday, August 12, 2013

Transitions or Back to Basics

August seems to be a time of transition for many people.   Summer is nearing it's end;  teachers are going back to their classrooms for preparation;  or in many places, children are back in school this week.  I'm sure each of you could add a list of transitions that have occurred in  your lives:  many are similar  and others are unique to each individual.

One of the best thing about transitions is this is an excellent time to direct focus back to the basics.  FlyLady is doing this by working on the laundry habit this month.  One load a day really does make laundry easier to handle.

A transition I have worked on is doing more of the grocery shopping.  I  also make conscious efforts to strengthen my legs and knees when I go from  a sitting position to standing.  Those may  seem like small things, but it is all part of my "effort"  to get out more.  In turn, I am also cooking more meals from scratch.

Find a couple of things you would like to work on in your home or life, and stick  with  it this week.  If you don't finish the job, you can extend it to next week.

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