Monday, August 8, 2011

Prioritizing my Days

Nowadays, when I think of prioritizing my schedule, the major thing that comes into play is doing those things I Have to do.  For instance, this past Saturday, I absolutely had to go to the grocery store.  I could not ask my husband to go because he was sick; and I was out of just about everything.  On days I go shopping, I might as well forget doing anything else, because that is the ONLY thing I will have energy for.  And sometimes, I have to cut the trip short; because I can feel when my well is dry.  If I try to push through my energy shortage, I pay with being too fatigued to get anything done around the house.

Sometimes, I am too tired to bathe or dress.  I know most people would not want to admit that, but this is my reality:  and if I'm going to encourage someone else that has physical problems, I feel like I need to be candid and honest.  I used to feel very guilty about being too fatigued to get dressed, but I realized the guilt was draining my energy even more.  Yesterday, I did not dress.  I wore a cute medium-length night shirt all night, all day, and all night again.  I missed church again, which I don't like;  but, I am through with beating myself up over all the shoulds in my life.  That can be a whole blog article in itself--The Shoulds and How I Make Myself  Frustrated or Depressed.  Something I did do was make supper for our family.  I needed to use the ground chuck in the fridge; so, I made my easiest spaghetti recipe and cooked a frozen vegetable.  My sweet husband blessed me by putting the dishes in the dishwasher and putting away the leftovers.  Yes, I can cook in my nightclothes / leisure clothes.  I am proud of that, because I remember days that I only had the energy to get a spoonful of peanut butter, eat a cheesestick, or put a frozen dinner in the microwave. 

Today, I have a completely different priority--staying cool.  Our air conditioner went out yesterday.  I did not know it was broken, until I realized the fan had been running a long time.  After that, I watched the thermostat steadily rise.  I'm also wondering why 82 degrees seems so much hotter in the house, or maybe 85 by now.  However, it is even hotter outside, so I am keeping the shades closed and staying as inactive as possible.  I have the perfect FlyLady Beginner Babystep to do today.  I am going to put a page in my control journal with some of my favorite inspirational quotes.  And I am going to turn off this computer, because it is putting out heat.  I did get dressed, but I will stay barefooted or wearing sandals.  I did clean the fan off in our great room / living room, because hunks of dust flew off when I turned it to high.  However,  I will not be shining my sink, or anything that requires more than a quick drive-by cleaning on the way to the bathroom or getting something cold to drink.  Also, I am going to pray the air conditioning repairman gets here soon.

Signing out,

Staying Cool in South Georgia

P.S.  The good news is my air conditioner has been fixed, and it was not a huge amount of money.  Talk about answer to prayer!

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