Thursday, August 27, 2015

My List Grew?

Did you ever make a short list of things you needed to do, and you wondered why it took you so long to complete it?  Or, maybe you have felt frustrated and fussed at yourself about not getting enough done.  Take a deep breath.  Now, breathe slowly. That's right.  Relax.  Maybe, you have just gotten more done than you think you did.  

There have been many times in the past that I looked around me, and I felt like I was inadequate; because, I have high expectations of myself.  Then, my expectations got less after realize I was simply too sick to get everything done.  I was not able, so letting go of some of my expectations of myself was a matter of saving my "sanity."  I learned to be content to do less, which in that setting was okay.  However, now things are different.  I feel better, I actually have more I want to get done;  and, I know I can do more.  Can you see where I am going with this?

I started letting some of my perfectionism start creeping back in.  I took on more and more, because I could.  I finally let some blogs and Facebook pages go, because I saw that I was working more than taking time to smell the roses or clean my house.  However, I still had Mr. Perfectionist sitting on my shoulder, saying "That sure is a short list.  You did not do enough today.  Why aren't you doing more?  You need to manage your time better."

Today, I knocked that burden off my shoulder.  I had my list.  I took a much deserved break to eat lunch and read a novel.  It's a Christian novel, and the things that were being said in the story kept speaking to me.  Then, I started reflecting on this list, and I decided to write down everything I had done that day.  Actually, I probably forgot something, because there are so many small things we do that we do not even think about just to get one basic job done.  Moreover, I know I will do other things that are important that are not even listed on my long list.

If you ever feel like I did--inadequate, frustrated you are not up to your or someone else's expectations (roll my eyes), imperfect (well, aren't we all?), or unfinished--make yourself a list of all the things you have achieved for that day.  You might surprise yourself!

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