Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 11, February 28 Day Decluttering Challenge

You may think it impossible to make a difference in the way your house looks in baby steps;  but, I know it is possible, because I did it.  Now, I have a new job, because I feel better.  Fortunately, I work out of my home, because I am in the health and wellness industry.  Please feel free to ask me about that.  My life is so very different, and I feel better than I ever thought was possible.  Even when I have an off-day, I feel better than I used to feel.  I am healthier, stronger, seldom in pain, and totally impressed with my wellness products.  Oh, I am making some money too.  I love them--really do.

Okay.  I guess I chased that rabbit long enough.  The point is I have to keep after the clutter.  I think I am a hopeless piler, but I am not willing to give up hope I can change.  Here is the graphic for today.  I am sorry it is late.

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