Tuesday, February 3, 2015

28 Days of Cleaning and Decluttering: Challenge, Day 3

Tuesday, 2-3-2015 I hope you were able to make progress in your bathrooms yesterday. I am giving you an easy job today, so you can finish up. If you only worked on one bathroom, we will be wiping them down later this week before the weekend.

I am not trying to take you through a cleaning schedule for the week. We are simply reducing the clutter in each room by practicing techniques for getting it done. It is your job to keep down the clutter in the rooms you work on. You will find the job gets easier as you reduce clutter in each room; and perhaps, you will be inspired to continue reducing the clutter.

Check out my Pinterest Boards. I tried to move any board I thought would inspire you in the area of organizing towards the top of my Boards.

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