Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Tonight, I will be awake.  I know it.  I am going with the flow.

Generally, I work very hard to be extra quiet at night, which means it is difficult to clean.  Also, night seems to give me permission to goof off on the computer and watch television.  However, I am ready for an update in my house and my life.  I cannot get it out of my head;  therefore, maybe I should clean.

Did you think you cannot dream or update your life?  Oh, that is so untrue.  Just because you are sick does not mean you need to stop dreaming.  Dreamer come out.  It might not be the same as your original dream from when you were healthy, but maybe it is time to adapt the dream or find a new one.

My immediate dream is to move out of my slump.  However, it seems like I am only nibbling away at the edges lately.

Therefore, tonight, I am using my new pick up basket, which I suppose I could call my PUPA Basket.  PUPA is an acronym for pick up, put away.  What I failed to tell you is the reason I have a new basket is because I made myself get out of the house, into the car, and drove to town.  I enjoyed shopping at one of those cool outlet stores that carries good to better brands for fantastic prices.

It's pretty and colors I will never get tired of .

And it is deep.  Lot's of room for picking up stuff.
I looked at many kinds of baskets, but I picked this.  It can be a beach bag, a trip bag, and an enormous purse:  it stands alone and it has strong handles.  I looked at all kinds.

May you enjoy all your picking up at whatever time of the day you do it.  I may not do quite as much as I expected tonight, because shopping wore me out!

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