Thursday, December 19, 2013

When Christmas Is Only Six Days Away

Image Courtesy of [David Castillo]
Last October and November, you may have felt like getting ready for Christmas was under control. Maybe, you still do;  however, many of you may feel like life and illness are spinning out of control.  

What do you do if you know you are already getting overtired, as well as suffering from sensory overload from too many Christmas parties or too much shopping.  Here are some suggestions for getting through the holidays and still enjoying them.  Just pick and choose what will work for you in your situation. 

 A Reminder:  You all are in different stages of illness and recovery.  Many of you have overlapping illnesses, and this has a huge impact on what you are able to do.  There are some people reading this who cannot figure out why they feel good one day and horrible the next.  Furthermore, FM and CFS/ME are not the only illnesses that drain energy

Here are ten ideas to keep you more relaxed through the holidays;  even though, Christmas is only six days away. 

  1. Remember to use your timer.  Do chores in increments of 5 to 15 minutes.
  2. Rest frequently.
  3. Remember "The Principle of Three."  Your daily to-do list of things you want to get done should consist of three things.
  4. Haven't decorated yet?  Keep decorations light.
  5. You haven't had the energy to send out Christmas cards.  That's OK. Send the have to's:  close relatives, best friends and your boss.  You still want to connect to more friends?  Don't forget Facebook.  You can wish them a "Merry Christmas."  online.  Send out a New Year's card or letter. It's okay to deviate from some of those man-made  traditions.  Or horrors of horrors  (Gasps are heard)  don't send out Christmas or New Year's greetings. 
  6. Shift your gift-giving mindset to remembering it really is the thought that counts.  
  7. If you wrap one or two gifts at a time, it is less tiring.  
  8. Gift bags are the easy way to package gifts for giving.
  9. Use short-cuts for food preparation.  Easy meals are a blessing this time of year.  Moreover, it is refreshing to eat simple food rather than eating too much rich food. 
  10. The single most important thing is to take some time to just breathe. Meditate on the meaning of Christmas.  Enjoy doing something that rests you.  Let God refresh your soul:  He will if you ask. 
Merry Christmas!

Finally, God bless you:  You are never far from my mind. 


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P.S.  I apologize for not having more posts.  I am having a hard time getting used to this keyboard and having such a sensitive mouse pad.  I delete things by accident.  My letters jump into the middle of other sensitives, and all I know is it must be user error.  Eventually, I may have to get an external keyboard and mouse so I can type at my usual rate of speed.

However, I am learning to use this computer in little tiny baby steps.  Tonight, I deleted my Libraries, because they did not work.  I kept getting this message it was safe to delete them.  I did.  Then, I restored them to default libraries.  It was so easy.  However, for days I have not known what to do, and I could not load my pictures for the blog.  So, like one of my grandsons says, I did it!  Yea! 

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