Friday, July 5, 2013

Sophia does, could I?

Lately, I have been thinking about exercise -- other than cleaning or walking through a room.    Now, that I am feeling better, I would like to see if I could work myself back up to some exercise -- carefully, of course.  I want to do some of the things I miss, like walking on the beach, walking in the park, or walking my dog around the neighborhood.  I would like to ride my bicycle too.  I really miss that.

Recently, I read about how the amazing, iconic actress Sophia Loren stays in shape in an article from  Daily Mail.  Let me draw your attention to what Loren says about how she manages her morning  exercise:

"I always wake up early and jump out of bed - sometimes not wanting to, because one can always find an alibi not to exercise - and then I take a walk for an hour."

"And as I walk round the park I always think, “Maybe round the corner I am going to find something beautiful.”

"I always think positively. It is very rare that you find me in a mood that is sad or melancholic."  (Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook)              
Reading this made me wonder if I could "force"  myself out of that bed, dress, drink some water, and baby step myself into exercising in the morning.  What would it do for me?  

Over the past 5 years, I have gotten more and more sedentary.  Arthritis was a large contributor to that.  However, I had a hip replacement a year and a half ago; and, my knees feel better after healing from an injury.  Reading Loren's words about how she does  what she does, made me think.  Could I begin to carefully build my strength, so I could do more than I am doing now? 

In fact, I have had this in the back of my mind all along -- the exercise part. But, I'm not keen on getting out of bed very early in the morning, because I often don't sleep well.  However, if I made exercise one of my first priorities in the morning, could I do it?  Would I gain more energy?  Maybe, I would feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Years ago, I would never have questioned those things.  I did gain energy when I exercised, but that was before Chronic Fatigue Syndrome hit me.  It is admittedly a precarious balance.  However, I have already gained energy as I do more things around the house.  I have been using steps more, and building muscle in my legs.  It seems like it may be time to try to add more.  The thing, to be mindful of, is not to jump into too fast.  Baby steps are the way to start exercising.

No challenges are going forward here.  I would not dream of doing that, especially when I haven't tested this out myself.  If there is a challenge, it would be for me to say to myself:  there is no failure in trying.  And, I might have more energy if I don't wait until I am already tired.

After all, I can always take a nap. 

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