Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Just Not Feeling It? Read this!

Today, are you just not feeling it?  You do not have a burning desire to do your housework or any work that needs doing.  However, you do not want to slip in the good habits you have developed, and this is not a day you planned to take off.  So, what do you do?

Consider your options.  Maybe, you do need a day off.  Only you know that, and it is acceptable to make that decision if you are able to work it into your schedule.  However, you may be experiencing a mood change, which means you might need to practice the following steps:

  1. Feel the feeling. Acknowledge it, and don't spend an hour questioning why you feel this way.
  2. Accept it.  
  3. Float right on through this feeling and start doing.

If you are not yet dressed, get your clothes on and comb your hair.  Moisturize and put on makeup (makeup is optional).  Don't forget your shoes. You need to wear comfortable, supportive shoes.

Do the first job.  I like to start in the kitchen.  For you it may be something different, and I realize that having children at home may change the first thing you need to do.  Once you get this far, and time passes, you may not feel like you did when doing housework or other work seemed to be a hard thing to do.  Sometimes, getting started is all you need to do to feel good about your day and to know you can make progress.   Moreover, knowing that you have accomplished some of your goals if not all of them will make you feel so much better at the end of your day.

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