Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Preparing For the Holidays Starts Now

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Think about whether you are going to do Christmas decorations this year.  Do you have to get out several boxes to get to them?  Do you have a room or a corner of a room that is not in use?  This is where you want to put those boxes, so you don't always have them in sight.  This week, go through that room, starting at the door and work around the room from left to right.  Work 15 minutes at a time picking up, throwing away, and giving away.  3 boxes or hampers to sort this will help.  Make sure you PUPA--PICK UP, PUT AWAY.  I suggest 15 minutes a day on this room.  If you want to work more, remember we are concentrating on the kitchen and you have tidying to do in other rooms. 

It depends where you are in your own personal health and life, whether or not you should put up many holiday decorations.  Could you be satisfied with just a few holiday touches in the house?  After all, you do not want being overworked, which can steal the joy of celebrating from you.  Also, what is put up has to be taken down.

Things to consider:

  • Do you have help with putting up the decorations and taking them down?
  • What holiday traditions are the most important to you?  Maybe, that should be what you concentrate on.  
  • How can you make the holiday easier this year?  ~smaller tree; only decorating your mantel; buying precooked food for some of the special holiday meals;  pot-luck or assigned dishes for a holiday meal and do it buffet style;  gift cards for presents; asking adult family members to give to favorite charities or to some special needs families this year, because you plan to do the same.  

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