Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making My Dining Room / Office Pretty for Fall

My goal for my dual purpose room was to clean up the pile that had assembled on the dining table as we came back from vacation;  as I worked on on sewing project;  and as we dropped mail or other items on the table.  Our dining room table, which is also my desk, is a prime hot spot in our house. When other work and activities seem more important, that becomes the easy place to leave things so they will be found later.  It becomes a frustrating eyesore that invites more clutter to it's already messy surface.

I thought I had beat this old habit last year.  However, unfortunately, it is a habit that is easy for every member of the family to contribute to;  although, I think I may be the worst offender.  

So, what do you do when you have an area that attracts clutter, and this habit of dropping things off persists in your home?  You clean up that area a little at a time, while also continuing to do the other things you do in your life.  If you choose to work for one or two 15 increments each day, it is a fairly easy thing to do.  Break the job up into smaller amounts, dusting as you go.  When you get an area cleaned off, you can dust it;  then enjoy arranging it.  That gives you a sense of accomplishment, that you can get this job done. 

Getting your home cleaned room by room and working to keep them uncluttered will make your holiday preparations easier this year.  I want to be able to invite friends over for supper,  or for dessert and games.  What do you want your fall and holiday season to be like?

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