Monday, September 8, 2014

Needed a Burst of Color Today!

I came over here to find something in the archive, and I decided to play around.  I had that distraction thing going on, which is dangerous.

This is what happens when I am resting and I decide to play.  Maybe, the background is a little much.  I'm not sure.  And, I am not even sure I like the template I chose, but it was fun and Simple.  
I think it took less than five minutes.  If this background is not soothing enough, let me know.  I value your opinions.  Meanwhile, isn't it fun to have a change?  In fact, I am thinking about change for my living room before winter hits -- just small things to liven up the browns.  Weather forecasters are predicting a long, cold winter, so a little color will probably be very welcome.

Next thing I am posting will be about Cleaning Our Bathrooms.  I bet you can hardly wait.  Still looking for that archive.  I Will Be  Ba-ack (in my worst Arnold Swartzenager voice).


P.S.  One day, I plan to write about color therapy.

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