Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Always the Student?

I'm not one of those people who could be termed the perpetual student.  It just seems that LIFE -- yes, life in capital letters -- is always throwing stuff at me to learn.  (By the way, I just read that stuff is a terrible word to use in blogs.  It is too nebulous, not defining one's subject enough.)  But stuff encompasses many things in an active mind; or perhaps, it is what keeps a mind active -- that curiosity, the desire to understand.

Here's a portion of my present list of things to know, things I have explored: how to blog better

  • what kind of bird was that by the pond?

  • at 5 a.m., looking up on the internet--what causes diarrhea in puppies - arghhhhhhh

  • information about CFS, FM, Hip and ball joint arthritis, spondylitis, etc., etc.

  • what scripture answers my question about ... 

  • how does this or that gadget work?

  • The general idea is I have an active mind:  I always have.  So that makes me a lifelong learner, whether formally or informally, and I think it helps me to be healthier.  It certainly does make life more interesting.  I suppose that is why this musing fits into my blog; at least, it does for me.  I am an active particpant in the treatment of my physical problems.  I make informed decisions about the medicines I take, and I learn enough to question the doctors.  I participate in a support group online, not heavily as some people, but enough for me.  I read articles and books.  I seek and I question.  Recently, this process has improved my quality of life, because I have had a change in medicines that has significantly impacted me.

    Presently, I am learning how to be a better blogger.  Please be patient with me.  And please leave a comment on my blog sometime, so it looks like the big boys' / big girls' blogs.

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