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Balancing Health, Balancing Income

Since 2010, I have been sharing my experiences and posting articles about balancing life changes when faced with chronic illness.  My journey actually started as a teenager, even though I did not realize I was ill.  I know that sounds kind of strange, but having lived with a mother that had Diabetes, Nerve Pain, and probably Fibromyalgia, I began to think of pain as a normal kind of thing.  Besides, my doctor said I was as healthy as a horse.  This was in a different era, the 1960's, and I think saying you had pain and looking normal was many doctors' medical opinion for labeling you a hypochondriac;  therefore, I dosed myself with over the counter pain medications, sinus medications, and kept telling myself I was healthy.  I did not want my friends and family thinking I was a hyponchondriac, and I believed in thinking positively.

The problem with pretending to be well is I kept having more and more things go wrong with my body.  Now, I keep reading articles that show me how interconnected our bodies actually are;  and, I wonder if I had started taking care of the root causes earlier in my life, could I have escaped the magnified effect of being in pain for most of my lifetime, as well as the depression and fatigue that became routine for me?  Of course, if I had never experienced Fibromyalgia, Depression, Liver Disease, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, I would not be writing this blog or talking to many other people who suffer.  Therefore, I have learned to have an attitude of gratitude despite my situation;  however, that does not mean I do not want to feel better or to be able to enjoy some of my old activities, that I have had to give up over the years.

About twenty years ago, my doctor said I should not work.  In fact, I have had three doctors and one therapist tell me I should not work in the last twenty years.  Why?  Work was too stressful, and it was making me sicker.  However, I still worked at home and in my church and community activities.  I did not want to slow down, although more and more often I was unable to go to church or do something I had planned to do.  Then, one day, I collapsed.  I felt like I was dying from fatigue and pain.  I did not know what to do.  Nothing had worked.  Not long after that, I found out I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which was actually a good thing in my life.  I had an answer:  I had supplements and hormone medications that were helping me, yet I just could not escape the fatigue anymore.  I was stuck in a cycle of pain, fatigue, rest, meds, feeling better, doing more;  then, the cycle would start again after the post-exertional malaise hit.  The crux of the matter was that not working did not make me feel any better, and I was too sick to work.

In the comments I have read from so many readers of this blog and on Facebook, as well as reading  blogs by other people who live with Chronic Illness, I see that not being able to work is a huge problem.  Many of us live with loss of income and illness, a horrible combination.  Moreover, some of us are labeled as being lazy, which is not true for the majority.  We have pushed, pushed, pushed until we could no longer push through and act like we were healthy.  We want to work, we want to clean house, we want to participate in our family and community activities;  however, we are faced with what seems like a brick wall.  Guess what!  In many lives, that brick wall can be knocked down or breached.  Maybe, not all the bricks will go, but doors and windows can be opened.

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A long time ago, a friend of mine gave me a plaque that said, "When God closes a door, he opens a window  (author unknown)."  I have been hanging that on my wall in every house we have lived in.  I have seen Him open windows and new doors.  Now, I truly believe He has shown me another window and another door, which I have walked through.

Recently, I started a new journey in my life;  and, I would like to invite you to join my Facebook Group to follow my journey.  Also, if you like what you see, I would like you to contact me to learn more.  Please feel free to ask questions.  My friend Cindy shared with me how using a few products are making a difference in her life.  I even blocked her group, because I am quite skeptical when I hear about wellness products, because I have been down that road and not felt much better.  Cindy's life has changed.  She is healthier;  and, on the way to getting healthier, she has lost weight.  She knew we shared some illnesses in common.  We had even tried to lose weight together.  She is a good enough friend, that she gently shared with me again and the timing was right.  I was ready to listen.  I also asked her for the URL to her Facebook group
and asked to join it.

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Since June 16, 2014, I have been using Plexus Slim.  I have added a few more products over several weeks time, and I can feel the results.  The very first week, I started doing things I had not done for months, like going to the large Superstore to shop for groceries and other household necessities.  I cannot claim Plexus wellness products will cure your ills, but I am finding that my life is improving.  I have more energy, my blood sugar is already balanced with the help of Plexus Slim and my diet.  I have lost nine pounds, and I am able to cook more often.  I have been out of the house more, gone to more church activities, and I have even started taking walks.  I am seeing my gait change from a slow, careful walk to a brisker, more lively walk. I can see the light shining through the window.

I have also walked through the door, and I have become an independent ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, so I can buy the products wholesale.  I did not have to do this.  I could have ordered from Cindy on her website and been either a one time customer or a preferred customer (someone who orders every month).  However, I knew I wanted to share this if it helped me.  Also, I have read testimonials from so many people with autoimmune diseases and other problems that are enjoying their lives again and feeling much healthier, that I felt confident enough to try Plexus products.

I always knew that I could share something that is working for me, something I believed in.  And even though I was not looking for a job or a new health product, this just landed in my lap.  I had to make a decision to try it, and I said, "Yes!"  That is why I am sharing about Plexus wellness products on my blog.  I cannot keep this to myself.

Check it out.  My new Facebook group is  Debby's Plexus Page.  I am so excited about the possibilities and of my new reality.  You  can also go to my Plexus website to Place an Order or to Join as an Ambassador.

*This product testimonial is an individuals’ experiences, reflecting the real life experiences of the individual who used Plexus products. However individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experiences recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience.


  1. I am so grateful that that you trusted me enough to give these products a chance. I have seen them help so many people with Fibro and CFS ... I just wanted to try to lose weight!! And they helped me do that. But there are so many people with Chronic pain and autoimmune issues and Plexus products are helping them!! I wish more people with these issues would try the products!! I LOVE seeing people feel better!!

    1. And, it is wonderful feeling better. Thank you for caring enough not to give up on sharing with me.

  2. Life balance is definitely an art to master


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